Introducing net terms for cross border trade

B2B payment flexibility is now available for international trade partners.


Introducing net terms
for cross border trade.

B2B payment flexibility is now available for international trade partners.

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In the world of B2B payments, everyone
needs a little breathing room

Until now, exporters frequently required upfront payments, and for good reason:
siloed banking

Siloed banking systems

Trade partners in separate jurisdictions have unique sets of bureaucratic hurdles that add friction to global commerce.

Lack of trust

Compromising on commercial terms is hard without assurances that invoices will be paid on time and goods will be delivered as promised.

Capital Constraints

Exporters need advance payments to cover production costs while importers need deferred payments to grow their business.

Localized financial risk

FX volatility and varied costs of capital add layers of complexity when it comes to agreeing on payments terms.

40Seas was built to change the status quo in cross-border trade financing

Seamlessly leverage fast and reliable financing solutions to reduce payment bottlenecks and boost global commerce, without reliance on banks or insurers.


Learn how your business can benefit
from net payment terms:

A cross-border payment
experience - like no other

Learn more about how 40Seas can deliver unprecedented B2B payment flexibility to unlock unprecedented growth.