Import Now Pay Later

Pay on your terms, when
and how you want.


Say goodbye to advance payments

Grow your business by importing now, and paying suppliers later.

Importing goods from suppliers located across the globe carries trade risk that’s significantly compounded by unfavorable payment terms. Upfront payments can set your business back, especially if it takes months to sell prepaid inventory. In addition to cutting into cash flow, advance terms can tie up your available line of credit.

40Seas is a fast, frictionless, and reliable alternative to expensive lines of credit from the bank or letters of credit. Through our digital payment and financing portal, you can lock in net terms (up to $5M USD and 90 days) - with any approved supplier or freight forwarder  - at highly attractive rates.

Say goodbye to advance payments

Grow your business by importing now, and paying suppliers later.

Get 90 days to pay

Choose a payment schedule that makes business sense to you - one that reduces cash flow anxiety and helps you optimize inventory management.

Be your suppliers’ favorite customer

Help your suppliers get early payments to generate the critical liquidity they need and to help you negotiate price discounts on future orders.

Worry less, about everything

Reduce risk by paying for goods and services after they’ve been received, while avoiding expensive wire fees and slow, outdated banking services.

What’s included?

easy payments

Easy Payments

Secure, online, local payments for international orders.

flexible financing

Flexible financing

Defer payments by up to 90 days, without taking out a loan.

real time updates

Real time updates

Full visibility into order status with digital messaging.

How it works


Introduce your suppliers to 40Seas.


On your next order, choose net payment terms.


We’ll pay your supplier’s invoice as soon as the order is shipped.


You pay us 30, 60, or 90 days after shipment.

A cross-border payment
experience - like no other

Learn more about how you can get more flexibility from your suppliers to free up cash.