Get paid instantly, while offering more payment flexibility to buyers

Provide buyers with deferred payment options to supercharge your sales.


When it comes to selling to foreign buyers, most exporters can’t afford to offer online payment options or deferred terms, even though doing so could increase sales by 20% or more.

We get it, you need cash flow to finance new order cycles and you don’t have the resources to run expensive credit checks, purchase complicated insurance products, or the capacity to manage payments and chase debtors.

With 40Seas, you won’t need to. We offer a no-risk, turnkey payments and financing solution that’s tailored to cross-border trade.

Drive sales with flexible payment terms

Take advantage of a no-risk, turnkey financing solution that’s tailored to cross-border trade.
boost sales

Boost sales, without spending a dime

Increase order size and frequency with an easy-to-use, stand-alone or embedded checkout dashboard that gives your buyers flexible financing options.

reason to smile

Give your finance team a reason to smile

Free up working capital for your next order cycle by locking in immediate payment for inventory and freight, regardless of the terms your buyers choose.

sit back

Sit back, and leave the risk to us

40Seas assumes credit risk and manages credit lines, so you can stay focused on your core business instead of worrying about a buyer’s creditworthiness or debt collection.

What’s in it for your buyers?

easy payments

Easy Payments

Secure, online, local payments for international orders.

flexible financing

Flexible financing

Deferred payment options, without taking out a loan.

real time updates

Real time updates

Full visibility into order status with digital messaging.

How it works


Streamline your checkout by integrating the 40Seas payment platform.


Let buyers choose payment terms that work for them.


Get paid by 40Seas as soon as goods have been shipped.


We’ll collect payment from your buyers 30, 60 or 90 days after shipment.

Literally, plug & pay

Use the 40Seas pre-built, flexible payment platform as a stand-alone or embedded solution to streamline checkout and prevent payment bottlenecks in cross-border trade.


A stand-alone solution to help you stand out

The 40Seas platform is available as a standalone checkout platform that’s perfect for exporters without a dedicated tech team or an existing B2B website.


An API that makes business sense

With just a few lines of code, you can customize your checkout, seamlessly integrate with back-end software, and offer net terms that enhance your brand & business flow.

A cross-border payment
experience - like no other

Learn more about how you can leverage 40Seas for frictionless checkout, flexible financing and instant payouts.