B2B payment infrastructure tailored to cross-border trade

Streamline your checkout with a payment platform built for the digital era.


Introducing net terms
for cross border trade.

B2B payment flexibility is now available for international trade partners.

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International wire transfers can’t keep up with the pace of global commerce

Integrate more affordable, digital payment options into your checkout process to keep the orders flowing.

Better experience with less overhead

Offer a digital payment experience that gets you paid faster, and gives customers the option to pay by credit card, bank transfer or with the 40Seas ‘Import Now, Pay Later’ solution.

Maximum convenience with minimum fees

Keep buyers happy with local payment options, including ACH, while avoiding expensive international wire transfer fees.

It’s the customer payment journey that counts

Reduce your support overhead and improve customer success with an all-in-one payments dashboard that provides enhanced visibility into order status, digital communication, and a simplified interface.

Learn how your business can benefit from net payment terms:

A cross-border payment
experience - like no other

Learn more about how 40Seas can deliver unprecedented B2B payment flexibility to unlock unprecedented growth.